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New Yarder 2013

We have specially develoed a cable yarder which we think is particularly suitable for the way of working outside Europe.
The new tower is characterized by a high-rise (more than 14 m), so that you can avoid to install sustains near the machine, at the beginning of the line.
The machine is installed on tracked undercarriage, so that it is autonomous, easy and fast to move from a line to the next set up, with no need to lower the tower.

The machine is called V600/M/2/BUSH

Its features are:

  • Fast set up: with just 1 cylinder the tower is raised and then automatically locked (time for raising the tower: about 3 minutes)
  • Tower height: 14.289 m
  • IVECO engine type N67ENTX of about 260 hp
  • A radio-contorlled operates the tracked undercarriage, as well as the skyline and mainline drums.


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