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This cable yarder is only produced in a very few number of pieces, since it is a very peculiar machine.
The V1500/LKW is a further development of the V1000/3/LKW, intended for very expert clients who need more cable length and even higher speed.
This machine can in most cases replace and surpass a conventional long distance cableway.
It has a very robust construction and falls therefore into the “heavyweight” category. The V1500/LKW is the most powerful cable crane that can be installed on a truck and still conforming to the European traffic laws (with a special permission, of course).
It can be used together with a single or double (full-suspension) carriage.
The V1500/LKW is installed on a suitable truck, which transports and powers the machine (for example an “ASTRA HD9 8×8” extra-reinforced).

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